Professional services


Good accounting and tax advice is essential so that companies can compete in a changing and global market.

Our tax advisory service & accountant understands:

  • Advice to companies, individuals, Non-profit entities and other types of entities, that are operating in the national and international level.
  • Preparation and review of income tax returns for individuals , Corporate tax, IVA, And other fiscal obligations of companies and individuals .
  • Preparation of financial report .
  • Non Resident Tax Advice .
  • Planning for inheritance and estate inheritance .
  • Advice and representation in response to any action by the services of the Tax Administration .


The management of the human team has become a critical factor for success.. Our job counseling service is focused on retaining talent by applying optimal recruitment policies , Retribution and security .

  • Labor advice to companies and their workers .


  • Registration of companies and workers in the general scheme of Social Security and special regimes .


  • Advice , study, preparation and legalization of all types of employment contracts , with special attention to the subsidies and subsidies .


  • Calculation and preparation of salary and social insurance receipts.


  • Professional assistance to labor inspection , CMAC And Social Courts .


  • Advice and processing of employment regulation files (ERE).


  • Management and processing of capitalization of the unemployment benefit .


  • Study, calculations and processing of retirement records , widow , orphan, disability , etc.


Rico Asesores is an expert law firm in commercial law that offers solutions to companies to adapt to new environments , advise them on their transactions or strategic alliances and help them move forward .

Our Commercial Law services

  • Creation and incorporation of companies , Organizations, UTE, Joint – Ventures.


  • Dissolution and liquidation of companies.


  • Social Agreements .


  • Advice on succession processes in the family business .


  • Advice in the process of Sale of companies and shares and social shares .


  • Drafting of commercial contracts .

Our Civil Law services :

  • Real estate law : Purchase agreements , arrendamiento de viviendas, Business premises , industrial ships , Purchase option contracts .


  • Right of inheritance : Preparation of wills , Acceptances and manifestations of inheritance , Donation preparation , Restructurings of assets for inheritance purposes .


  • Procedures before the Land Registry .


In a global and complex market, Having audited financial statements is an additional advantage over competitors and the rest of the market .

Our audit service includes :

  • Audit of compliance accounts .


  • Voluntary audit .


  • Internal audit.

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