Business tax and accounting advice

Adequate tax and accounting guidance are essential for businesses to compete in a changing and global market. Our tax & accounting counseling services include:

  • Counseling for freelancers, small businesses, companies, and individuals. We also counsel non-profit organizations and other types of legal nationally and internationally entities.
  • Review, preparation, and presentation of personal income tax returns, corporate income tax, VAT, payments on account, and all business and personal tax obligations.
  • Financial reports.
  • Non-residents tax advice.
  • Estate planning, successions, and donations.
  • Counseling and representation in all matters related to the Tax Agency, Social Security Administration, Junta de Andalucía, or City Councils.
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Labor advice

Managing Human Resources is decisive to achieve success. Our Labor department focuses on talent retention by practicing optimal hiring, attractive compensation, earning, and security policies. Our labor  services include:

  • Labor counseling to companies and their workers.
  • Company and workers registration in the Social Security general, or special, regime.
  • Advice, write-up, and legal counseling on all types of employment contracts, with special attention to bonuses and benefits.
  • Payroll preparation.
  • Professional assistance in case of labor inspections, CMAC, and Juzgado de lo Social.
  • Advice and processing of employment regulation files (ERE).
  • Capitalization of unemployment benefits management and processing.
  • Research, calculations, and processing of retirement, survivor’s pension, orphanhood, disability, etc.
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Business auditing

The national and global market situation can be confusing.  A business with audited accounts has an additional advantage over the competition and the rest of the market. Audited accounts give assurance and a sense of trust to suppliers, financial institutions, partners, and other stakeholders. 

Our auditing services include:

  • Annual accounts auditing.
  • Grants auditing.
  • Voluntary auditings.
  • Regulatory compliance auditings.
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