What can you expect from consultants Rico 2019?

What can you expect from consultants Rico 2019?

What can you expect from consultants Rico 2019?

are met 40 years from the start of the business career of Rico Asesores. Its a classic, and I like, look back and take stock of these years. Thinking about this I realized that, immersed in our daily lives, we are not often aware of the impact that our work has daily in many people.

Consolidation in 40 years as consultants confirms what we have become a source of inspiration for many of our clients taking and a few important decisions without our experience.

But, What new challenges we face? We are prepared? What can we do better? How to differentiate? What inspires us? Y así, After spending some time thinking about these issues, in Rico Asesores we have defined a number of long-term goals, among which are mainly three:

Communication, communication, communication. No es posible ser un buen asesor y no comunicar bien. Good communication provides security and confidence. En nuestro sector, Communication is key in customer experience.

Innovation. Nos gusta la creatividad y nos atrevemos a definir la asesoría del futuro. We wonder why Is an online counseling? The future is global advice? Or perhaps a specialized advice for your business type? In Rico Asesores we have innovative ideas and projects that will be giving them way 2019.

Efficiency and quality. Puede parecer una obviedad, but in a world that goes at full speed and in which the information is said and retracts every second, We can not let customers know more than we do. truthful information, timely and reasoned are the key.

They say that planning is outdated for its slowness and bureaucracy, to be agile and adaptable, continuous and have scheduled various measures to prove what really works. But, Why? The best way to explain it is through the Paradox of the Red Queen It is appearing on the novel by Alice in Wonderland.

In the book, Alice and the Red Queen running quickly, Alicia but you think no matter how fast they run, always remain in the same place. When you stop to rest, It takes place including the following dialogue:
"-But how? If it seems we've been under this tree the whole time! Everything is as before!
-Well, of course yes! -agreed the Queen. And how else?
-Good, what is in my country I clarify Alicia, still panting enough-, When you run so fast and for so long, usually it get somewhere else ...
-A country rather "slow" yours! -He replied the Queen. Here, It must run a lot to stay in the same place and to get to another you have to run twice as fast. "

The environment in which we live is evolving, and we must evolve at least at the same rate to stay in the same place and not disappear. And if you want to succeed, you must run faster. It is the evolutionary progress. It may seem difficult or perhaps ambitious, but for this too I have a paradox: Let's leave the negativity to better times!

Happy 2019.

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