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Una adecuada asesoría fiscal y contable es esencial para que las empresas puedan competir en un mercado cambiante y global.

Our tax advisory service & accountant understands:

  • Advice for freelancers, SMEs, companies and individuals. We also advise non-profit organizations and other entities, that are operating in the national and international level.
  • Revision, preparation and filing of income tax, Corporate tax, VAT, payments and , definitely, all tax obligations of companies and individuals.
  • Preparation of economic and financial reports.
  • Tax advice for Non-Residents.
  • Planning for inheritance and gift.
  • Advice and representation before any procedure of the Tax Agency. Equally, We act as representatives to other bodies such as the Social Security, Andalusian or municipalities.

Labor advisory

The management of the human team has become a critical factor for success., thus, our job counseling service is focused on retaining talent by applying optimal recruitment policies, Retribution and security . Nuestros servicios de asesoría laboral son:

  • Labor advice to companies and their workers .


  • Registration of companies and workers in the general scheme of Social Security and special regimes .


  • Advice , study, preparation and legalization of all types of employment contracts , with special attention to the subsidies and subsidies .


  • Calculation and preparation of salary and social insurance receipts.


  • Professional assistance to labor inspection , CMAC And Social Courts .


  • Advice and processing of employment regulation files (ALSO).


  • Management and processing of capitalization of the unemployment benefit .


  • Study, calculations and processing of retirement records , widow , orphan, disability , etc.


Rico Asesores is a renowned firm that provides solutions to businesses to adapt to new environments and advise them in their transactions or strategic alliances. As a result, get companies strategically advance legal security.

Our Commercial Law services

  • Constitution of companies, Organizations, OUT, Joint – Ventures.


  • Dissolution and liquidation of companies.


  • Drafting of Social Agreements.


  • Advice on succession processes in the family business .


  • Advice in the process of Sale of companies and shares and social shares .


  • Drafting of commercial contracts .

Our Civil Law services :

  • Real estate law : Purchase agreements , rental housing, Business premises , industrial ships , Purchase option contracts . As well, We accompany you throughout the recruitment process, tax preparation and implementation of the remaining procedures.


  • Right of inheritance : Preparation of wills , acceptances and manifestations of inheritance and settlement of inheritance tax. Equally, We prepare documents to enhance donations and liquidation of the corresponding taxes.


  • Proceedings before the Commercial Register and Property.


Because the state of the domestic and global market is always complex, have a company with its audited accounts, is an additional advantage over the competition and the rest of the market. A) Yes, audited accounts, They give confidence and assurance to suppliers, financial entities, partners and other economic agents.

Our audit service includes :


  • Audit of annual accounts.
  • Audit reports accounts evidencing grants.
  • Voluntary audit .
  • Other audits of compliance.

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